NEWS!! THE PASS to Premiere at London’s PLAYGROUND THEATRE! Limited Run: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, September 20, 21, 22 & 27, 28, 29 dmthepasslogo4

THE PASS: A Story of Artistic Survival

“life -affirming” – “engaging” – “inspiring” – “deeply moving” – “a celebration of artistic endurance”

“Once hailed as the next big thing, I’ve learned the hard way that lucky stars, can rise and fall. No longer a young ingénue with my head in the clouds, now older and wiser, I can feel the power that aging has given — to the shape of my dreams.”

A Story of Artistic Survival: You have seen stories about successful artists and their struggles on their way up. What about the many artists who get close but never quite make it to the top? How do they adjust their dreams, live a fulfilling life, and continue to produce relevant work?



KeyMedia Music Group Announces the First NYC Workshop Performance of THE PASS by Denise Marsa

BroadwayWorld – NEW YORK Sep 27, 2017 – NYC performer, singer, songwriter Denise Marsa has undying dreams, a vivid spirit and a substantial music catalog of what many have called “catchy, beautiful, powerful” songs. She is taking yet another bold step in her career, which spans over four decades in the music business, as she prepares for the launch of her new music project THE PASS.

The story of THE PASS begins when Denise meets theater legend Gretchen Cryer and together they immediately go to work on Marsa’s idea for her one woman show: vignettes mingled with her original songs written over the past four decades. THE PASS evolves to tell the true tales of hit records, publishing deals with Warner Bros Music and Warner/Chappell, a record deal with a label run by a 21 year old French billionaire’s son, and Marsa’s own personal secrets. The production focuses on Marsa’s development as a musician, artist, and individual struggling with relationships and solitude. Filled with levity and candor, it centers on the concept of being true to your own definition of success, no matter what the consequences. read full release



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About Denise Marsa


Originally born in Trenton, New Jersey, Denise Marsa has been writing, singing and producing her own music for decades.  She started performing in musical theater as a young girl and studied theater and fine arts at the University of Arizona. After college she moved to NYC and started getting attention from the music industry and fans alike. A self-taught musician, she has been mixing genres (pop, rock, classical, theatrical and Americana) since first moving to NYC in the 70’s. At the start of her career she performed in many NYC clubs including Max’s Kansas City Easter Festival with The Ramones, Blondie and Talking Heads. The culmination of her career will be presented as a music project in the forthcoming production of THE PASS.

In the spring of 2016 Denise formed a publishing alliance with BMG US. Previously her songs have been published worldwide by Warner Brothers Music, UK and Warner/Chappell Music, US.

Denise is also the lead voice on Dean Friedman’s duet LUCKY STARS and the THE FLIRTS (You Took My Love). She has worked as a music supervisor and music composer for several indie feature  films and cable series including: (Can a Guy Say No, The Contract, The Ten Rules, ChromiumBlue.com). IMDb

She joined the indie revolution while living in Los Angeles in 1997 and self released two solo albums SELF and LIVE FOREVER on her label Denise Marsa Productions. The track STEADY from LIVE FOREVER won the 2013 Best Adult Contemporary Recording at the New Mexico Music Awards.

In addition, for the past ten years Denise has been mentoring, managing and producing new young talent and several collections of artists have been released through her record label.  She continues to manage singer /songwriter Nicole Berke.

In 2008 Denise started KeyMedia Public Relations. A results driven, boutique PR firm & production company providing a full spectrum of services which range from creative to strategic to advisory. You can read more about KMPR here: KMPR


Denise Marsa Productions

Producer Reel Samples


DeniseMarsaTWODENISE MARSA TWO (24 tracks, double release 9/25/17) SELF & LIVE FOREVER

TWO: New York City singer, songwriter who mixes Pop, Adult Rock, Folk, Americana in her writing & production style. Described as a story teller, beautiful, powerful voice creating her own sound. Featuring tracks from her two solo releases Self & Live Forever. TWO available on iTunes, cdbaby & bandcamp.

Nicole Berke & Rachel Millman also available on bandcamp




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