Denise Marsa


“Once hailed as the next big thing, I’ve learned the hard way that lucky stars, can rise and fall. No longer a young ingénue with my head in the clouds, now older and wiser, I can feel the power that aging has given — to the shape of my dreams.” 

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THE PASS To Premier at London’s PLAYGROUND THEATRE Limited Run: Thurs-Sat, September 27, 28 & 29 Tickets

KeyMedia Music Group And BMG Present The World Premiere Of THE PASS

BWUKLondon, Westend – In late 1978 American singer-songwriter Dean Friedman reached #3 in the UK charts with Lucky Stars, a duet with a young and up-and-coming female singer. Denise Marsa had moved to New York a year before and was performing with her own band when Friedman heard her singing at a club in the city. He then wrote Lucky Stars with her in mind to sing, however Friedman and his record label did not publicise her name on the single and consequently she became known initially as “the sexy mystery voice”. THE PASS is Marsa’s story; from the beginning of her career in the mid-70’s, through the highly volatile, emotional 80’s, on to the tech-driven 90’s into the present day. From her start in her West Village studio apartment dating from 1810, to London to West Hollywood and back again, Marsa is the explorer, the innovator, and the woman drenched in tenacity – a woman unwilling to play the game by anyone else’s rules, a woman determined to do things her own way in an industry dominated by men. read full release 


“life -affirming” – “engaging” – “inspiring” – “deeply moving” – “a story of artistic survival”

THE PASS is a unique combination of song and story highlighting Denise Marsa’s entertainingly heartwarming take on career and relationships, featuring anecdotes and vignettes recounted against a background of her original compositions. It’s a show spanning decades, combining nostalgic appeal with contemporary relevance, as well as songs which will linger in your head for days. Watch trailer 

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Artist portrait by Philip Burke / additional rendering Jim Dyke
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