The Grammys 2017 Bring It Home!

After The Grammys I was inspired to bring this song out of the vault! I wrote it while in Los Angeles (my final year) and recorded it with my friend Eric Gorfain from The Section Quartet. It feels like songs with strong lyrics, melodies and hooks are back. and I’m in! I loved the Grammys […]

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Blue Bird Leaving the Nest

Lately I have been thinking a lot about home, and the role it plays in giving us a spiritual center. The apartment where I live in the West Village of NYC has been my dwelling for over thirty years; I have come to think of it almost as an extension of myself–like my arm or […]

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Today I watched the snow falling…

 winter solstice mandalas Today I watched the snow falling outside my window in my NYC West Village studio.  I was engrossed by the huge whirling snowflakes, and the beauty of their motion. With white icing the nearby rooftops, the pink building in the courtyard in the background, the stark branches and the slate-grey sky, the […]

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Stop Creating Limitations

For whatever reason I’ve had this stigma about raising money online for my projects–like I’ve had some success: publishing deals, hit records. It makes me feel like I’m starting from scratch. Then I look and see all the amazing artists who are doing crowdfunding and I realize I have been limiting myself by judging myself. […]

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