Concert + Spoken Word: THE PASS – An original music project featuring anecdotes and vignettes set against a background of Denise’s original compositions.

In development – first salon run through: Thursday, September 28, 2017 


The story of Denise Marsa’s development as a musician, artist, and individual is told in this original music project featuring short stories recounted against a background of her original compositions. Travel with Denise as she starts her career towards the end of the 70’s through the highly volatile and emotional 80’s continuing on through the start of the tech driven 90’s into the 21st century.  From her start in her West Village studio apartment dating from 1810, to London to West Hollywood and back again, Denise shares her stories. Meet Denise the explorer, innovator, a woman drenched in tenacity; playing on her own terms.

From pop star, to record label owner, artist manager and producer, lover and partner, to publicist and marketer, her life and music are expressed through laughter, joy, disappointment, passion and power. She hopes to inspire her audience to always be true to their own voices and to have the courage to sing out loud. It all started with Denise sneaking into the New York University Department of Music and Music Education practice rooms.

Directed by:  Gretchen Cryer

Featuring Marta Sanchez on keyboards

marta sanchez

Media and Film Production: Grumpy Films

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