dmp_logoI love producing songs. It all started when I began writing songs, envisioning what they will sound like when they are complete.  I produce as I write. It has been my very favorite part of my music career since day one.  It fuels the songwriting. When I first got started there were not many female music producers. or not many getting the credit. I soon also started producing my own music videos. It was inspiring to be able to create visuals as well. From that came marketing materials and learning how to promote the work I was doing.

km_logo_public_relationsIt all came together when I started my company: KeyMedia Group back in 1998 while living in Los Angeles, when I released my album SELF.  I had to do my own publicity, (crash & burn!) because I did not have a budget for a publicist! Having this experience led me to other opportunities. KeyMedia Group has morphed into KeyMedia Public Relations and Denise Marsa Productions. You can visit the link to see my PR and Production work with others.

It was not long after that I started KeyMedia Group that I began producing other artist’s music which led to my mentoring young artists. This was an amazing experience; I had the great privilege of guiding several young artists with their creative work and business experiences (managing). I wanted to help others, and to give them encouraging experiences. My own encouraging experiences were not that illuminating when I first got started. I had some shaky branches to climb off from, all the more wiser and stronger for it. Here is some music that represents some of my music production work over the years.

Producer Music Reel Samples


DeniseMarsaTWODENISE MARSA TWO (24 tracks, double release 9/25/17) SELF & LIVE FOREVER

TWO: New York City singer, songwriter who mixes Pop, Adult Rock, Folk, Americana in her writing & production style. Described as a story teller, beautiful, powerful voice creating her own sound. Featuring tracks from her two solo releases Self & Live Forever. TWO available on iTunes, cdbaby & bandcamp.

Nicole Berke & Rachel Millman also available on bandcamp

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