ThePass_roundsmallTHE PASS To Premier at London’s PLAYGROUND THEATRE Limited Run 3 Nights Only: Thurs-Sat, September 27, 28 & 29 Tickets available soon!

“life -affirming” – “engaging” – “inspiring” – “deeply moving” – “a celebration of artistic endurance”

THE PASS is a unique combination of song and story highlighting Denise Marsa’s entertainingly heartwarming take on career and relationships. It’s a show spanning four decdes, combining nostalgic appeal with contemporary relevance, as well as songs which will linger in your head for days.

“Once hailed as the next big thing, I’ve learned the hard way that lucky stars, can rise and fall. No longer a young ingénue with my head in the clouds, now older and wiser, I can feel the power that aging has given — to the shape of my dreams.” – denise marsa

KeyMedia Music Group Announces the First NYC Workshop Performance of THE PASS by Denise Marsa

BroadwayWorld – NEW YORK Sep 27, 2017 – NYC performer, singer, songwriter Denise Marsa has undying dreams, a vivid spirit and a substantial music catalog of what many have called “catchy, beautiful, powerful” songs. She is taking yet another bold step in her career, which spans over four decades in the music business, as she prepares for the launch of her new music project THE PASS. read full release

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