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THE PASS by Denise Marsa

Songs & Stories – An original music project featuring anecdotes and vignettes set against a background of Denise’s original compositions.

BroadwayWorldKeyMedia Music Group Announces the First NYC Workshop Performance of THE PASS

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Thanks for visiting my website. This website is where I share continuing news about my music career. I have been singing, writing and making music for decades. I’m a self-taught keyboardist and a lover of songs. I’m best known as the other voice on Dean Friedman’s duet LUCKY STARS and the dance hit from THE FLIRTS HELPLESS (You Took My Love). In the late 90’s I joined the indie revolution and began releasing my own records on a label I started KeyMedia Group. I also started mentoring young artists to help them navigate the complex music business.

I am exited to share my newest project THE PASS. It’s a series of short stories about my adventures with my original songs weaving in and out; songs I have written while living in New York City, London and Los Angeles. The show is currently in development and we plan to start THE PASS on tour in 2018.

THE PASS SYNOPSIS: The story of Denise Marsa’s development as a musician, artist, and individual is told in this original music project featuring short stories recounted against a background of her original compositions. Travel with Denise as she starts her career towards the end of the 70’s through the highly volatile and emotional 80’s continuing on through the start of the tech driven 90’s into the 21st century.  From her start in her West Village studio apartment dating from 1810, to London to West Hollywood and back again, Denise shares her stories. Meet Denise the explorer, innovator, a woman drenched in tenacity; playing on her own terms.

From pop star, to record label owner, artist manager and producer, lover and partner, to publicist and marketer, her life and music are expressed through laughter, joy, disappointment, passion and power. She hopes to inspire her audience to always be true to their own voices and to have the courage to sing out loud. It all started with Denise sneaking into the New York University Department of Music and Music Education practice rooms.

Directed by:  Gretchen Cryer

Media and Film Production: Grumpy Films

Featuring Marta Sanchez on keyboards

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About Denise Marsa

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Originally born in Trenton, New Jersey, Denise Marsa has been writing, singing and producing her own music for decades.  She started performing in musical theater as a young girl and studied theater and fine arts at the University of Arizona. After college she moved to NYC and started getting attention from the music industry and fans alike. A self-taught musician, she has been mixing genres (pop, rock, classical, theatrical and Americana) since first moving to NYC in the 70’s. At the start of her career she performed in many NYC clubs including Max’s Kansas City’s Easter Festival with The Ramones, Blondie and Talking Heads. The culmination of her career will be presented as a music project in the forthcoming production of THE PASS.

BMG new small  In the spring of 2016 Denise formed a publishing alliance with BMG US. Previously her songs have been published worldwide by Warner Brothers Music, UK and Warner/Chappell Music, US.

Denise is also the lead voice on Dean Friedman’s duet LUCKY STARS and the THE FLIRTS (You Took My Love). She has worked as a music supervisor and music composer for several indie feature  films and cable series including: (Can a Guy Say No, The Contract, The Ten Rules, ChromiumBlue.com). IMDb

She self released two solo albums SELF and LIVE FOREVER on her label KeyMedia Group/Denise Marsa Productions. The track STEADY from LIVE FOREVER won the 2013 Best Adult Contemporary Recording at the New Mexico Music Awards.  Co-produced by Canadian guitarist and composer Andy Gabrys, the album’s rhythm tracks were recorded in Santa Fe’s Kitchen Sink Studios owned and run by world renowned  recording artist and musician Jono Manson.

In addition, for the past ten years Denise has been mentoring, managing and producing new young talent and several collections of artists have been released through her label Denise Marsa Productions. She continues to manage singer /songwriter Nicole Berke.

In 2008 she started KeyMedia Public Relations which focuses on Arts & Entertainment and Health & Wellness.



DENISE MARSA TWO (24 tracks, double release 9/25/17) SELF & LIVE FOREVER: New York City singer, songwriter who mixes Pop, Adult Rock, Folk, Americana in her writing & production style. Described as a story teller, beautiful, powerful voice creating her own sound. Featuring tracks from her two solo releases Self & Live Forever.



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On Thursday 9/28 at 7 pm I unleashed for the first time The Pass, to an audience of 20 privately invited guests. It was held in the home of my director Gretchen Cryer. The performance was an extremely rewarding experience for me on many levels as I had worked so very hard to prepare for this …

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